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20 May 2022 - National Museum of Australia

Phoenix Sisters is hosting a conference, 'Be Your Best', which aims to inspire and provide strategies and tools to support leaders and multicultural women in their professional development. The conference is open to all (not just culturally and linguistically diverse women) as the topics covered are targeted to all those interested in better Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) leadership behaviours, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and supporting professional development.

Cultural Intelligence Workshop - 20 May 2022 - Post Conference Participant Notes

Virtual Networking

We run regular group networking and 1:1 support sessions through Zoom video chat. We aim to create a supportive network through these sessions and enable targeted help when you need it most.

Group networking sessions: run regularly through Zoom video chat. If you would like to learn more about joining, please get in touch.

1:1 support sessions: provide you with targeted support from one of our sisters. We can meet you virtually on a range of topics, including - mentoring, job-seeking support (CV, application or interview support) and career support.

If you would like to book a session, please get in touch.

Inclusive Leadership

18 June 2020

Phoenix Sisters partnered with the Austrade to hold a panel session on how the employees can promote and display inclusive leadership practices across the remote workplaces. Inclusive leadership refers to the leadership capabilities required to foster diversity and inclusion. During these unprecedented times, prioritising inclusion is especially important to enable us to display leadership practices that support our staff and bring out the best of all our work colleagues. The panel discussion discussed inclusive leadership practices and how we can incorporate them in the remote workplace environments at the Austrade.

See Video (Shorter version with Zainab and Khin only)

Austrade Inclusive Leadership Event _18
Discussion groups

Our discussion groups provide a safe space to support and learn from each and strengthen our networks and friendships. We hold discussion groups periodically throughout the year and advertise on our social media platforms.

Phoenix Sisters Introduction

In November 2019, we held our first open networking event, where we had candid conversations with inspirational leaders. Our panellists not only inspired, moved and captivated the audience; but are living examples of diverse leadership making an impact.


Key takeaways:

  • Being yourself is a strength. Know your 'why' and practice how to harness and empower yourself to bring out the best in you

  • Diversity is essential for the levels of creativity required in our future workplaces; use it to your advantage!

  • Acknowledge it takes work to build an inclusive environment, but it’s worth it!

Thank you to our event sponsor NTT, the excellent panellists and everyone who participated. Please find more information on our event slides here.

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