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Our Sisters


Zainab Farouk

  • Zainab Farouk LinkedIn account

I’m Zainab - born in Sri Lanka, raised in New Zealand, and now live and work in Australia. My cultural profile comprises a rich tapestry of cultural identities, including Australian, Sri Lankan, New Zealand, Middle Eastern and Polish. Phoenix Sisters is a place where I can help shape the narrative of cultural intelligence (CQ) with people and organisations; and where together, we can champion diversity in Australian workplaces.


Khin Kha

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My name is Khin Kha, and I was born in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). I am an IT Project Manager, Cultural Diversity Champion, Videographer, and a nominee for Asia 21 Young Leaders. Phoenix Sisters; a volunteer-based network which aims to help people and organisations to understand and cultivate their cultural intelligence through professional development conferences, career workshops, and mentoring programs.

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